What is Income Protection?

Income protection, helps to support you financially if you were to have time off work or suffer a loss of earnings or income due to an accident, injury or illness.
Income protection covers most types of Illnesses that leave you unable to work.
This is particularly important for people such as Self employed, those who don't receive sickness pay or if you rely on your health to make a living.

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Income Protection Insurance

Why choose income protection?

A Monthly Income if you cant't work
Get EXPERT advice on the best Income protection for you.

Replacement Income

Replacement Income for some of your lost earnings, helping you maintai your lifestyle while you're away from work, due to an injury or illness.

Flexible cover

You can choose when your income protection payments begin and for how long the policy will pay out if you're unable to work due to an injury or ilness.

How much do you get?

Income protection pays you a percentage of your salary if you're unable to work due to injury or illness. .

Self Employed.

Income Protection should be an absolute must if you're self employed. If you have an accident or can't work due to an Illness or injury, what replaces your income?

If you're employed

Its all to easy to think if you had an accident or illness that your employer will pay you. Most companies will pay for a short time, then you will receive Governement benefits. Could you live on £94.25 per week*?

Does it cover redundancy?

No! Income protection is there to provide you and your family with an Income should you have an accident, injury or Illness.

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So.... Do you need Income Protection? Well ask yourself, how could you and your family cope if you were unable to work due to an accident, injury or illness? Your employer will only pay you for a short period of time. What happens then? You will be able to benefit from SSP £94.25* per week. Can you live of that?
If you're self employed then you won't even get a short term payment,
so you definiatly need Income protection.
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* Figures correct as of 1st January 2020. Figures taken from www.gov.uk

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Our advisors have access to a huge range of Income protection products to suit you, your family and your budget.
You may never need to claim on your Income protection, however if you do it will be worth every penny. So you need the best advice on the best products to suit your circumtances.
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