So what exactly is, Income Protection?

Don't get confused with PPI, its completely different.
Income protection, helps to support you financially if you were to have time off work or suffer a loss of earnings or income due to an accident, injury or illness. Income protection covers most types of Illnesses that leave you unable to work.

This is particularly important for people such as Self employed, those who don't receive sick pay or if you rely on your health to make a living.
Can you afford to live on Statutory Sick Pay? That's £95.85 per week?

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Income replacement

Replacement Income

Replacement Income for some of your lost earnings, helping you maintain your lifestyle while you're away from work, due to an injury or illness.

Zero Hour Contractors

Zero Hours Contracts

If you are on a Zero hours contract, you may not get some of the usual benefits that employees receive. What happens if you can't work, due to an accident or sickness. How do you replace that income?

Self Employed

Self Employed

Being Self Employed can give you so many advantages. However, if you had an accident or couldn't work due to illness, how would you pay the bills?

Flexible Cover

Flexible Cover

You can choose when your income protection payments begin and for how long the policy will pay out if you're unable to work due to an injury or illness.


If You're Employed

Its all too easy to think if you had an accident or illness that your employer will pay you. Most companies will pay for a short time, then you will receive Government benefits. Could you live on Statutory Sick Pay at £95.85 per week*?

Help to Buy Mortgages

Does it Cover Redundancy?

Income protection is there to provide you and your family with an Income should you have an accident, injury or Illness.

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* Figures correct as of 1st July 2020. Figures taken from

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