Which Funeral Plan?

Funeral Plans are a simple way to plan ahead, take the worry out of and help your family with potential worry and expense.
It can make things a lot easier for your loved ones at a difficult time.
Its also gives a reason to sit with your family, plan ahead and gives opportunity to chat about things you may find a little taboo.
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How does a Funeral Plan work?

A Funeral Plan enables you to pay for the cost of the funeral director's services at today's prices. It gives control to you and your family on the type of funeral you want.

Once purchased, you can arrange with the funeral director any wishes you may have. When the time comes, just one phone call to your funeral director will activate the plan. It can be a huge weight off your family's mind at a difficult time.

Your Money is Protected. We only deal with funeral plan companies that protect your money. Our plan providers are recommended by the National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors.

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What you get in a Funeral Plan

  • Plans available from £13.59 per month*.
  • Provision of professional services and arrangements for the funeral.
  • Certification and Registration advice of the death.
  • Choice of coffin*.
  • Transportation and collection of the deceased to the funeral directors premises*.
  • Care of the deceased prior to burial or cremation*.
  • Use of chapel of rest.
  • Funeral Service at a local crematorium or cemetery.
  • Hearse to local crematorium or cemetery.
  • 24Hrs funeral director telephone support for the bereaved.
  • * Subject to your chosen plan.
  • Don't leave it to chance. Speak to a professional.

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