What is Estate Planning?

We all have an estate. You don't need to be super wealthy to fall into the category of having an estate. Your car, jewelery, artwork, home furnishings, bank account, your business if you have one and your property all make up your estate.
Estate planning is working out what happens to it all when you die. Some may think well my partner will just inherit it all and they can divide stuff up, well that's not always the case.

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What is Estate planning?

What is involved?

Along with this careful planning of your estate can help soften the blow of Inheritance Tax on your loved ones.
Unmarried couples don't have automatic rights to your partners possessions, money or property.
Cohabiting couples don't have the same right to state bereavement benefits as married couples.

Specialist trusts can also help assist with protection of your property. These trusts can benefit you and your spouse (whilst alive) when it comes to care costs and protection of your families inheritance.

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Estate Planning for you and your family

  • Married couples automatically benefit when one partner passes away. Sometimes though you may wish to leave specific things to others. What happens to your estate if both die at the same time? Unmarried couples don't automatically inherit the parts share.
  • Planning of how your estate is divided up is one issue. What if there are Taxes to pay? What if there are debts? Don't leave it to chance.
  • You don't need to have a mega wealthy empire to start getting near tax thresholds these days. A huge population of households have the family home, savings and possessions over the Inheritance tax threshold.
  • Did you know that your family have to pay the Inheritance Tax Bill before your estate can be divided?
  • As well as making provision for your loves ones, it's important to leave clear instructions of your wishes. Some people already know who they would like to look after the kids if their not around. Have you thought though, if the new Guardians can afford to look after them?
  • Don't leave it to chance. Speak to a professional.

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Estate Planning for your family
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My Money Advisor are a subsidiary of Mimram & Lea Ltd and partners to Key Financial Associates Ltd. Two independent estate planning and financial advisory firms. We have local estate planning advisors to you based around the country. Our Advisors are Professional and Fully Qualified in the legal aspects of Wills and Estate Planning, they get to know your circumstances and what you'd like to accomplish. You can then have the peace of mind your getting Professional and proper advice.
Our Advisors have qualifications in Legal aspects of Estate planning and Will drafting, along with this they are Qualified in Financial Services. These two sectors intertwine, so you can have the peace of mind that your advisor can look at the full picture. Stand alone Will writers or solicitors cannot give Financial advice, hence when gathering full information about your circumstances they can be limited on the best advice for you.
We can provide a Full Free Financial and Estate planning review for you. Once we have assessed your circumstance we will give you a proposal. It's then up to you to decide what to do next. You can cherry pick from the advice given, or if you just want a Will, thats what we draft for you. There is No Sales pressure on what you should have and thats a Promise.
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