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How does Equity Release Work?

If you are 55+, Equity Release enables you to unlock the Equity in your home. You can be "Asset rich and Cash poor". Equity Release provides a possible way of enabling you to take out some of that money in your home to help with those larger purchases, a cruise, a home extension.

Our Advisors have the Higher level qualification to enable them to provide advice for Equity Release. Not all mortgage advisors have the Higher level and are not permitted to advise.

Our Advisors will explore all the avenues available as sometimes Equity Release is Not the answer.

With Equity Release you can get a lump sum or take regular monthly amounts.

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What About My Family?

Taking out a Lifetime Mortgage is something that needs a bit of thought.
Entering into a Lifetime Mortgage will reduce the amount of inheritance you can leave to your family.
Therefore it's something that requires discussion with your family before entering into.
Our Advisors make sure that you and your partner and families are aware of the steps that you take prior to arranging an Equity Release Mortgage.

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What to Do Next?

Equity Release can unlock huge potentials for you in later life. New Car. Home Extension. That Dream Cruise.

However it does need careful consideration and expert advice from a Qualified Equity Release advisor.

Not all mortgage advisors have the higher level Equity Release Qualification, so beware.

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