What is Business Protection?

At the start of 2018, there were 5.6 million* small businesses in the UK. Of which 99.3%* had less than 10 employees. Sometimes running a small business can take up so much time and effort that important things like Business protection, Business loan protection and even Business Wills for Partners, Directors and shareholders get over looked. Even Sole traders need to have protection in place or their business dies with them.

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Protction for Your Business

What happens if you, a shareholder, a director, a business partner or Key member of staff should die?

Shareholder and Directors

What happens if a majority Shareholder or Director has an accident or passes away? Well, the next of Kin most likely would become the new Shareholder or Director. What if they want to sell their shares? What if they want to make changes to the business? You may want to look at putting in place protection for such events and Shareholder options.

Corporate Debts & Loans

If a Director or major shareholder gets Ill or dies, what happens to the corporate debts? Well there is a possiblility that the lenders or banks could call in the debt. Can your business repay that loan or debts? Can the other Directors pay off the debts?

Director Protection

The best laid plans can go astray without adequate protection. We'll show you how to insure yourself in the most cost effective way. If you're a company director ask our advisor about Relevant Life Insurance. Relevant Life is written under the Pensions Act, therefore your company can pick up the bill for your protection. This is a specialist insurance.

Relevant Life Protection

A Relevant Life policy is a term assurance policy available to provide an individual death in service benefit for an employee or director. It's designed to provide life insurance in a tax efficient way for the employer, employee and the employee's beneficiaries. The policy must meet a number of legislative requirements to qualify as a relevant life policy and receive the tax treatments with it.

Key Person Protection

So...one day you get a call, and your key Sales person has had an accident, or worse, they have passed away! How does your business cope? What happens when Sales start to fall? How does you cope till you find a replacement? Talk to our Specialist Business Financial Advisor.

Shareholder Options Agreement

If a Shareholder or Director loses the ability to carry out their role due to incapacity, sickness or if they die, who take over their role? What if their Spouce decide to take over? If before finishing reading this you, as a company director, shareholder or business partner, do not have a Shareholders Options agreement in place, then you must sort one out. Call our speicalist advisors to help.

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